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Table 1 Summary table depicting the individual strengths and weaknesses of the IPC and ICF frameworks

From: A comparative performance analysis of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health and the Item-Perspective Classification framework for classifying the content of patient reported outcome measures

  Strengths Weaknesses
ICF Framework High inter-rater reliability
Provides greater detail on discrete content
Increased precision
Able to discern among many different concepts that are classified under the umbrella of a single IPC category
Required the use of more than 4X the number of categories
Detected content overlap less frequently
Limited classification capacity: vague, unclear, or poorly defined concepts are unclassifiable
Does not consider item perspective (as an emotional or rationale decision) or the relationship between content within an item
IPC Framework High inter-rater reliability
Considers item perspective
Better classification capacity
Classifies a greater number of dimensions of item content
May overestimate content overlap due to broader classification